A downloadable game for Windows

a sandbox tech demo for jazz-based 3d platformer

The bandleader looks at you and points. 

"Not me"  you think. "Has to be the guy/girl next to me"

Nope. It's you. Time has frozen and you, red_cube, are left to jump around on colorful blocks while playing a sax solo


W,A,S,D = movement


Mouse= camera

(pst...if you're feeling adventurous, "play outside the changes" and try jumping on some skinny, floating blocks to interact with your environmental art!)

*this game was intentionally left unfinished, as I'd hoped to collaborate more on ideas about it. I hope to flesh it out into a more featured and actual game rather than the sandbox/interactive art that it is now

**Inspired by a wonderful animation by Michal Levy. Check it out

created for Music Game Jam 2017

-updated on 9/26/2017


Jazz_Game.zip 383 MB